Welcome to the Avesta Consultancy, the people who will help you grow your business

"Why do I need a consultant to show me how to run my business?"

Good question - but the reality is that as somebody running a small to medium sized business can not do everything. Sometimes you get so close to your business that you miss opportunities that are not instantly apparent to you. We offer a new set of eyes with a huge array of very diverse experience that enables us to often see things in a different light, to spot opportunities that may have been missed or not fully capitalised on. And when we do see an opportunity we generally know exactly how to realise it.

It is knowledge, technique and experience that we offer. All the ingredients needed to help you grow your business.


"We have found The Avesta Consultancy extremely valuable in helping us to identify our key areas of growth and implement a realistic and effective plan of action, which is already delivering results"

David MD – Artemis

"We spent a long time firstly considering if we actually needed a business consultant and once we had decided after meeting several companies, our Management Team unanimously chose Avesta as the company we wanted to work with"